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Get to know the
CAPSULE culture and spirit.


Our Keywords

#To be straightforward and honest

No matter what kind of team you are in, being frank and honest
is the most important.
We do not tolerate any kind of lying behavior,
as we believe only honesty
leads to better communication.

#With a dream in your deep heart

A janitor working in NASA once said
"I am helping NASA to bring people to the moon."

We believe "to work for work" and
"to work for a goal and a smile"
are two completely different things.

#Grow by hundred times

Only by growing individually can the team also grow.

We care more about what you can still learn
and not what you already know.



Understand what our teams do through interviews
with our team members and interns.



Company policy

Yearly MVP

Each year a member is elected as the MVP to be the model for other team members
and a bonus is given to our MVP.

CAPSULE currency

CAPSULE currency is used to express encourgement or gratitude to others.
The currency is used to write down what you wish to say to the others
in accordance to a specific theme.
The person who receives a currency can also exchange it for a bonus!

Recommendation bonus

When employees recommend other potentials to join,
the recommender will receive a bonus after the referrals has worked for more than three months
(the bonus depends on what position you work for).


We established a thorough performance index
that hard-working employees have the chance
to be promoted every 6 months.


Don't save money by not going home

All employees not originated from the Taipei-Keelung metropolitan area
can apply for a visitation subsidy every three months
simply by taking a photo with their family!

Use the best tools to optimize work efficiency

All employees can apply for subsidies
for computer equipments and even work-related equipments
with the manager's approval.

Encourage to never stop learning

All employees are encouraged to take classes and workshops,
read books and join events that are beneficial to your work.
Every employee is entitled to apply for a learning subsidy
every month after receiving the manager's approval.

Employee benefit

Health check-up

CAPSULE provides an annual health check-up for employees
who have worked for more than 3 months.
This is to ensure the health of our valuable team while working hard.

Year-end company dinner

A must-have to treat all of the hard-working employees!


The CAPSULE mission is to become the best partner any creator can ask for.
Support creators to be the best version of themselves and reach their goals.
Join CAPSULE and change the world!

Intern Program

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